Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ocean Springs

It is spring break around these parts so Kevin and I headed to the coast. We checked out the Walter Anderson Museum in Ocean Springs.The first exhibit was the Tradition/Innovation which focuses on Contemporary Craft from the South. There were some new (to me) artists....
Shawne Major, Opelousas, LA, Portal to Portal, 2005
and Elizabeth Brim!!! Oh Betty- it is a terrible picture but a lovely piece.
The other exhibits focused on Walter Anderson. Here are some drawings that I love (and did a master copy).
Walter Anderson's watercolors are incredibly vibrant and psychedelic. They remind me of Charles Burchfield.
Here is the little room off his studio that he painted a mural. Get ready Kevi Kev and I am getting out my paint brush.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Student works

We had our final critique on Friday. The grades are turned in. Here are some highlights from the finished drawings

Charli Terry, Brooklyn Bridge

Bailey Arnold, Midtown
Angelina Mazzanti, Brooklyn Bridge
Sarah Crites, 10th Ave from the Highline

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

last night

The girls and dinner at Boca Chica in the East Village
The view from the roof at the Pod

See ya for now NYC! I'll be back!

I can't believe it's almost time to go back to Mississippi! This have been such an awesome trip and it has gone by entirely too fast for me. I have had so much fun and made some great friends! It has been such a great experience and I have gotten to do things and see things that I never have before. Visiting all of the museums was so cool and I learned what I like and what I don't like in artwork. I love huge paintings with lots of color and I like really small sculptures because I feel like I can hold it and its more intimate. Although I have really enjoyed it here and want to come back soon, I am ready to be at home in my own bed and my car! We have all for sure gotten workouts this week from walking everywhere! (I'm really not as lazy as I sound..) Haha! I do feel that I have grown as an artist and I am pleased with a lot of the drawings I got done while in New York. Mrs. Haney was a fantastic instructor! She knows a lot about the city and how to get around here, which has been very helpful. I actually feel like I can somewhat get around the city on my own now and I thought that would be impossible! Maybe I will get to put that knowledge to use the next time I am here. It has been awesome and am already ready to come back!

Bye bye big city!

Well the NYC trip is coming to a fast end. Ive had so much fun, but Im totally ready to go home and sit under a big tree! I know for a fact Im not a city girl. I like sitting in my hammock and walking in the grass! I really enjoyed seeing all the museums. I GOT to see some really awesome art work and got to take some fabulous photos. I have taken 2 black and white rolls of film and 1 color roll. I can not wait to develop them when I get back home! Im glad I got the chance to come on this trip. I have made some great friends and had way to many laughs! The Pod hotel has been great but I have to say the rooms are really small! Working in the room with sarah has been a whole lot of fun and super messy! Thank goodness our art is due at 4:00 and our room is somewhat clean...! When I'm sitting in our room I feel like I'm in Crosby hall. We always leave our door wide open and all the foreign people laugh and talk as they walk by our room. We laugh too cause we know our room looks just like a college dorm! Sorry House cleaning! You are going to have to work extra hard! Overall the trip has been great. I would do it again! Thanks Mrs. Haney for putting up with us!!

Bye bye NY!

Well I hate to say it but we are leaving tomorrow... Time has flown! I have really gotten a lot out of this trip though, I have acquired a more worldly concept by coming here. I have grown to appreciate the slow steady pace of the south even more, but that's not to say I don't like it here either. I love the rush of all the people and all the different languages, the art, the constant energy is exciting- and anyone who knows me, knows I love excitement! This place has taught me there is a lot more out there to go do and see. I have gotten to see so many different, and world famous kinds of art. I got to eat all kinds of great food too, made some great relationships, and got to sit back and watch the craziness as I sketched it all onto my paper. It has been a great experience coming here and doing this, I would definitely do it again. I'll miss ya until next time New York!... Barcelona anyone??

Aug 11 Blog

I can't believe it is my last day in New York. I had such an amazing time- but it literally feels like I got here yesterday. I would love to come back and vacation and draw some more. I am amazed at how much we did in so little time- going to who knows how many museums and galleries. I was fortunate enough to get a long with the other girls in the class- I made new friends which is a total bonus. We have definitely gotten closer and made a lot of great memories. Our fun literally never stops... well if it does it is for a VERY brief moment. We have gone to amazing restaurants and stores and most definitely bought our share of stuff... Ms. Haney included :) haha.

I really think my sketches gradually got better. I definitely practiced. I can tell I improved a lot- my lines got straighter, my shading was better, and I really challenged myself. New York is such an amazing place to learn how to draw or to practice drawing. All of the different kinds of people and different buildings- it's amazing. I don't think anyone could ever get bored of drawing in NYC- there will always be something new.